What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Diamond Ring

Let’s face it, if we’re given a diamond ring we’re pretty lucky. The big problem is that jewellery is such a personal thing that there’s always a chance it won’t be perfect.

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Diamond rings are incredible and are the perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or special events like the birth of a child or as an inheritance. They are, however, most commonly associated with an engagement or a wedding.

Engagement rings are bit of bling everyone wants to see, from the bride to all her friends, family and work colleagues. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right.

Wedding rings are next. Over the years these rings have changed from being a simple gold band to being more ornate diamond scatter wedding rings which are not only beautiful but incredibly popular.

So what do you do if it’s not perfect?

Does that make you ungrateful?

Will it destroy your relationship?

Will your future mother-in-law hate you forever?

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Ask yourself why it isn’t perfect, and be honest. If it’s because you wanted a huge rock, then why is that so important? Could you live with it? It might be worth trying to. There’s a really good chance you’ll grow to love it.

A diamond ring should be worn, so if it’s sitting in a drawer, then ask yourself why. Perhaps this is the time to discuss it. There’s no point wearing something that isn’t giving you joy, and not wearing it is likely to upset whoever gave it to you.

Be honest, but remember this was a big gift for a special occasion, so be kind and listen to the other side. You may change your mind after you hear why this was selected as the perfect ring for you. The emotional attachment can’t be ignored.

The reason can be simple – “I’d have preferred something simpler”. Choose together and look online for styles. After, all sites like https://www.comparethediamond.com/wedding-rings/diamond-scatter-wedding-rings are there for a reason. Find your perfect ring using bridal magazines or checking out industry experts like https://yourdiamondteacher.com/contact/ for guidance.

A family ring or a designed ring will probably need to be reset – perhaps with additional stones that mean something to you both – whereas a store-bought ring can usually be returned.

Remember to talk and stay happy.