Kraft Bag is a bag or packaging made of paper that can be used to carry your production items, such as clothes, shoes, fabrics, bags, mugs, souvenirs and others. Various sizes can be purchased or ordered according to needs. Coupled with beautiful color and image design, paper bags are very suitable as a choice to replace the plastic bag packaging that you have been using. For the above reasons, you might need to consider immediately replacing a plastic bag with a paper bag. In addition, it is also necessary to know the advantages of a Kraft Bag compared to plastic bags.

1. Environmentally friendly

 with paper raw materials, paper bags can be ascertained as a packaging product that is very environmentally friendly. Especially with the Go Green program that continues to be echoed by the government, paper bags become one solution that can be chosen to replace plastic bags.

2. Worthiness values

 a producer or seller, of course, you want your manufactured items to look valuable with beautiful and attractive packaging. And it would be nice if the items that have been packaged beautifully are also carried using the appropriate shopping bag or bag. Kraft Bag can be the right choice. With the size and design that can be ordered according to your wishes, you can be sure that your items will have more value. For more information about Kraft bag you can visit this link: ถุงคราฟท์

3. Promotional value

want to promote your product for free and effectively? Paperback is the perfect choices. You can order a Kraft Bag with the design and name of the shop as you wish. With the shape that doesn’t change even though it’s filled with goods, a Kraft Bag can display your store name or product more clearly than a plastic bag with a flexible shape. And because of the habit of using paper bags as containers to carry things, your product is indirectly promoted. Cool, right?

4. Economic value

Many think that with the unique size and design, of course, the price of paper bags also becomes expensive. Even though at a price of between ฿ 154,00 / to ฿ 290,00, you can already get a Kraft Bag with the size and design as you wish. Compare this with the price of a plastic bag that may be several Baht cheaper but does not provide the values above. So just order your Kraft Bag.

5. Prestige value

Kraft Bag with a unique and beautiful design, will certainly make your selling items look more valuable and customers will also be very happy to bring them. Especially after arriving at the Kraft Bag house, it can still be used to carry other items, because usually paper bags are not directly discarded but are still stored for later use. With much more value above, there is no reason not to replace your plastic bag with a paper bag. Because paper bags with all its advantages will have a good impact on your environment and business.