Paper bags or paper bags or many people call them shopping bags, because many of these paper bags are used as bags or groceries.

Paper bags or paper bags are usually used by retailers, such as jeans stores, clothing stores, batik shops, sports clothing stores, or Muslim clothing, etc. Compared to plastic bags, this shopping bag looks more exclusive, better, with store branding or the products it sells.

Paper bags are also widely used in various activities or meetings, for example as souvenir bags. For example, there is a grand opening shop, party meetings/meetings, mass organization congresses, the opening of exhibitions, bank birthdays, car shows, etc. Paper bags for these events are not just a container but can be a promotional tool, mementos, and various other benefits.

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How to make a paper bag?

To make a paper bag or shop bag, expertise is needed to design the appearance. In terms of design, the principle is the same as designing other prints such as brochure designs, posters, etc. It’s just that the size and shape must be fit and adjusted to the desired shopping bag or paper bag size, including fitting the folds and pieces.

The stages of making paper bags are:

  • 1.Make a picture design. In designing the image, it is planned whether the paper bag you created, will be printed in full color, or only one or two colors. Also adjust the paper to be used.
  • 2. After the design is correct, the next step is to make a plate for offset printing. Or if you want to be screened, it means preparing a film for the screen printing.
  • 3. If the above steps have been completed, just do the printing.
  • 4. If the mold is complete, other finishing processes are needed if needed, for example, laminated, give a glue to make it easier to fold and cut or other processes.
  • 5. The last step of making shopping bag or paper bag is: folding, glue (sticking) and giving a rope.
  • 6. The paper bag is finished.

If you are still confused or don’t want to bother with how to make this paper bag or shop bag, you can request the price offerings for making paper bags at So you don’t have to bother thinking about how to make a cheap and high quality paper bag. All you have to do is send the picture, or the specifications include the size requested, the number ordered, etc.